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Liberty Bridges is your one source for the right Aluminum Bridge structure that is designed and built right. If you need a prefabricated pedestrian catwalk, pipe support bridge, trail bridge, or overpass structure, then give us a call to discuss your project. We at Liberty Bridges can design and fabricate your bridge, catwalk or gangway structure either in aluminum or steel per your request.

We can design and engineer your custom prefabricated aluminum bridges and work with you to create the precise product you are looking for. Most of our Aluminum Pedestrian Bridges will come with our standard vertical picket system or a horzital railing system, but if you have a certain ascetic rail pattern that you like, we will be glad to fabricate and install it on the bridge structure

Our experienced staff of engineers are available to help with your bridge design requirements. Whether it be a park bridge, trail bridge, pipe support bridge, or skywalk, our engineers are willing to provide you with the calculations and preliminary drawings to help expedite your project. Please feel free to contact us for you project needs.


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